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John Osteen Biography

John Osteen (born on August 21, 1921, and passing away on January 23, 1999) was a prominent American pastor known for founding Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He served as the church’s pastor from its inception in 1959 until he died in 1999.

Osteen’s influence extended beyond the local congregation through his television program, “John Osteen,” aired for 16 years. Broadcasting weekly, the show reached millions of viewers across the United States and nearly 50 countries, spreading his message to a global audience.

How old was John Osteen when he died

John Osteen died at 77 years old on January 23, 1999, in Houston, Texas, United States. He was born on 21 August 1921, in Paris, Texas, United States as John Hillery Osteen.

John Osteen Family

John Osteen, originally from Paris, Texas, pursued higher education, earning a bachelor’s degree from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and a master’s degree from Northern Baptist Seminary. Additionally, he held a Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University.

Osteen’s spiritual journey took a significant turn in 1939 when he experienced a profound encounter with God after leaving a nightclub. Shortly thereafter, he began preaching in Paris, Texas and was ordained to the gospel ministry by a Southern Baptist Convention-affiliated church just before his 18th birthday.

He later served as an Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in San Diego, Texas, and as a minister at First Baptist Church in Hamlin, Texas. However, Osteen’s personal life faced challenges, including marital unrest with his first wife, Emma Jean Shaffer, leading to their divorce.

He married Dolores “Dodie” Pilgrim in 1954, and the couple faced adversity when their first daughter, Lisa, was born with severe health issues in 1958. These challenges prompted a shift in Osteen’s theological beliefs, leading to ecstatic religious experiences rooted in the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

On Mother’s Day, May 10, 1959, Osteen and Dodie established Lakewood Baptist Church in a humble feed store in northeast Houston, initially as a church for charismatic Baptists. Over time, the church evolved into a nondenominational congregation, dropping “Baptist” from its name.

In the mid-1980s, Osteen founded the Lakewood Bible Institute (LBI), an institution focused on biblical training from a charismatic perspective. Despite being unaccredited, LBI offered a range of classes covering topics such as Bible study principles, healing, conversion, and prayer. Osteen served as LBI’s president until its closure in the late 1980s.

John Osteen Wife

John was married to his beloved wife Dolores Osteen, also known as “Dodie.” They were married on September 17, 1954. Following their marriage, John resigned from his pastorate the following year. Together, John and Dolores had six children: Joel Osteen, Paul Osteen, Justin Osteen, April Osteen Simons, Lisa Osteen, and Tamara Osteen.

John Osteen Children

John was a proud father of six children: Joel Osteen, Paul Osteen, Justin Osteen, April Osteen Simons, Lisa Osteen, and Tamara Osteen.

John Osteen Cause Of Death

John Osteen passed away on January 23, 1999, in Houston, Texas, United States, at 77. He died after suffering a heart attack.

John Osteen Net Worth

John had an estimated net worth of $58 million. While his son Joel Osteen has a net worth of $100 million. This includes his assets, money, and income, which he accumulated from his successful career as an American preacher, televangelist, and author.

John Osteen Books

  • There is a Miracle in Your Mouth 1972
  • What to Do When Nothing Seems to Work 1981
  • You Can Change Your Destiny 1968
  • Pulling Down Strongholds 1972
  • The Confessions of a Baptist Preacher 1983
  • A Place Called There 1982
  • The Divine Flow 1978
  • Rivers of Living Water 1978
  • Receive the Holy Spirit 1980
  • Reigning in Life As a King 1984
  • Saturday’s … Coming! 1980
  • How to Claim the Benefits of the Will 1978
  • What to Do When the Tempter Comes 1981
  • How to Demonstrate Satan’s Defeat 1978
  • Power Over the Enemy: The Battleground Is the Mind ABC’s of Faith 1981
  • How to Receive Life Eternal 1985
  • Believing God for Your Loved Ones 1988
  • Four Principles in Receiving from God 1979
  • Seven Qualities of a Man of Faith 1990
  • Love and Marriage 1980
  • The Sixth Sense… Faith 1980
  • A Miracle for Your Marriage 1988
  • How to Release the Power of God 1968
  • The Bible Way to Spiritual Power 1970
  • Overcoming Opposition: How to Succeed in Doing the Will of God 1990
  • Overcoming Hindrances to Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit 1987
  • The Truth Shall Set You Free 1978
  • This Awakening Generation 1964
  • The Believer’s #1 Need 1980
  • How to Minister Healing to the Sick 1981
  • Seven Facts about Prevailing Prayer 1990
  • Unraveling the Mystery of the Blood Covenant 1987
  • How to Flow in the Super Supernatural 1978
  • Deception! Recognizing True and False Ministries 1986
  • Keep What God Gives 1980
  • Spiritual Food for Victorious Living 1985

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